Cool Hash Password Generator


What is this?

This website functions as a lightweight password generator, utilizing a robust hash algorithm (SHA-256) to bolster security. With this tool, you can generate a password by hashing a phrase with a noise file, which can be any text file of your choosing. For increased security, it's recommended to use randomly generated noise files. You can easily generate a random ASCII noise file using tools like this example noise file generator. By entering a website name or any desired text into the 'Phrase to be encrypted' section, the generator creates a unique and robust password.

It's important to note that combining the same input phrase with the same noise file will always produce the same output password. This predictability allows users to regenerate their password if they ever lose it, as long as they remember their original inputs.

However, it's advisable to view this site as just one element of a comprehensive password strategy. To maximize security, it's recommended to combine the generated password with a personal passphrase or mnemonic. This dual-layered approach reinforces cybersecurity practices and significantly increases the difficulty for potential threats to compromise your accounts.

Example of a Dual-Layered Password Algorithm for
1. Find a phrase you can easily remember and that others don't know about. For example: "DamienAndPipLove1".
2. Create a noise file using Catonmat's noise generator.
3. Save the noise file to a thumb drive (you can physically hide it afterwards).
4. Input the noise file on this site.
5. Use the name of the website you're creating the password for as the input phrase. For example, for Amazon, use 'amazon' as the input phrase.
6. Combine the generated phrase with your original phrase. For example: "DamienAndPipLove1j1`{,!HFc5te".

It's recommended to follow this process for every website and change your personal algorithm and phrases every few months.

Tip: Download this webpage so you can still generate passwords if this site ever goes offline.

This website does not save your data. You may download this page and check out the whole code behind it using the button below.